Saline or Gummy Bear Silicone Breast Implants?

I went to doctor A who recommended the "gummy bear" silicone breast implants about 250cc). Doctor B, however, made me a little more nervous about them, claiming that they haven't been on the market long enough to know if there were any issues yet and he recommended saline breast implants 100%. I have read a little about these new" gummy bear" implants. Is there anything to worry about? Any further information you can forward my way to justify my decision?

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Both implant types have their risks, so research your decision

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Silicone gel implants have a more defined risk of contracture (hardening) over the long term and the newer cohesive gel types are "new" with little data. They will presumably act like their predecessors, but we really don't know. Saline implants can ripple and break, requiring replacement. It is really a matter of which risk seems more acceptable to you.

Orange Plastic Surgeon

Go with cohesive gel silicone breast implants.

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I don't think either of the two choices you have been given is the best for most women. Saline implants can show rippling, and "gummy bear" implants have a textured surface, which has a number of disdvantages. Also, gummy bear implants are not FDA approved.

In New York, we mostly use round, smooth walled, moderate PLUS profile, cohesive silicone gel breast implants.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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