Saline Breast Leakage? Swollen and a Lump?

hi, ive had my saline breast implants for a good few years now with no problems, i felt a lump in my right breast(at the side) its also swolllen? and im getting a fizzy sensation, its a bit tender now (but that might be because ive been touching it alot :/) ive phoned nhs direct and the lady has said as its the weekend and not an 'emergency' i should wait till monday (2days) to go to see my dr, is this serious and should i demand to be seen now? or can it wait till monday? helllllp

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Lump after Breast Implants

   A lump after breast implants should merit an exam by a plastic surgeon and possibly imaging. Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA

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Failure of a breast implant in not an emergency.

Failure of an implant, silicone or saline, is not an emergency.  The condition described might be relate to implant failure but there are other possibilities as well.  Breast health problems unrelated to the implant can occur and should be ruled out.

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Call your plastic surgeon Monday morning

Altho I can't tell you this is nothing without examining you it sounds like you may have an early rupture with a fold in the implant.  I would call your plastic surgeon first thing monday morning and see him or her for evaluation.  If you notice your breast is slightly smaller and softer it probably is an implant rupture.  If it is swollen or red and tender then I would call your doctor and speak to him today.  Good Luck, Dr Schuster in Boca Raton.

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