Saline Breast Implants 3.5 Years Ago and One Looks Deflated?

I had saline breast implants done about 3 1/2 years ago when one day I woke up to my right breast looking deflated. Could him cutting under the muscle, then placing the implant above be the cause? After having the implants after a year, I was also able to feel the valve/ port on my breast tissue. I haven't quite looked at my contract, but I'm just wondering if it was even ok for him to place the implant above the muscle, when we were told and had agreed it was going to be below the muscle.

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Saline Breast Implants 3.5 Years Ago and One Looks Deflated?

While it may be easy to tell that your implant has deflated the actual placement of the implant and any reasons contributing to the complication will be better determined during an examination by a qualified plastic surgeon. I would suggest that you have your breast evaluated so that you can make an informed decision and have the issue corrected as soon as possible.

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Implant placement has nothing to do with deflation rates. Bayou could have a slow leak which is why it is smaller but not completely back to Perioperative size.  See your plastic surgeon for an evaluation.

Gary A. Tuma, MD, FACS
Princeton Plastic Surgeon

Implant deflation

If your implant deflated, it is best to see your surgeon for evaluation.  Usually the implant company will cover some of the costs.

Steven Wallach, MD
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3.5 years and it looks like it has deflated it can be possible you should see a certified Plastic surgeon to exam that and tell you your options.


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Change in implant size may Indicate a rupture

If you are noticing that one implant is appearing smaller, it is possible that it is leaking. A slow leaking saline implant may take years to completely deflate. You should see a board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate you. Regarding the other issue you raised, I agree that actual location of the implnt will have nothing to do with rupture rate. If you feel like there was a deviation for the planned surgical procedure, you should discuss this with your surgeon, although there is probably not much to discuss 3 1/2 years later. Good Luck 

Matthew Schulman, MD
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Saline implant has deflated

Actually the position, over or under the muscle has little to do with premature implant deflation. Most implants in the US do have a replacement warranty which should help you get things sorted out.

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Deflation of saline implant

While it is uncommon for saline implants to deflate so soon after surgery, if you have noticed a significant change in the size of the implant on one side then it is possible you have developed a leak in the implant. Other reasons for the breast to look smaller is a lateral stretching of the pocket which allows the implant to slide laterally and not fill the central breast as well, making the breast look smaller. You should have the breasts evaluated further by your surgeon or another board certified plastic surgeon to confirmthe leakage and have the situation rectified or to see if there is another cause for the smaller appearance.  Both Mentor and Allergan have replacement policies for the implant itself if it has leaked, and if it does so within the first ten years, there is some assistance for the surgical fees.  Sometimes leaks can be related to underfilling of the implant but it can also be related to valve failure with a slow leak.  The position of the implant, whether below or above the muscle, does not affect the integrity or lifespan of the implant.

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Saline implant deflation

Where your implant was placed likely has nothing to do with your implant deflation.  If you feel your right breast is getting smaller, you may have a tiny leak in your saline implants.  You will need revision surgery to get this corrected.  If you are experiencing rippling or have very thin tissue, you may want to consider a transition to silicone gel implants and placement under the muscle.  Please see a board certified PS for evaluation. Best of luck.

Dr. Basu

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Saline Implant Deflated after 3 Years

Saline breast augmentations can deflate anytime.  There is no strong correlation between the location of the implant and the rate of deflation.  You may want to check to see if your warranty on the implants is still valid, especially if you had purchased an extended warranty.  Sometimes the cost of exchange or the implant can be stipended with the extended warranty.  A site change to under the muscle would be ideal if you are a candidate to help reduce palpability of the valve and implant.

Tripti Burt, MD
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Saline implant deflation

There is no correlation between implant rupture and implant location (over vs. under the muscle placement).  Although implants are very safe medical devices, they can have rupture, rippling, or capsular contracture.  Implant rupture is usually due to device failure and wear and tear of it.  In regards to your implant placement, you may want to ask your plastic surgeon whether he can perform a site change if you still want the implants under the muscle.

Sugene Kim, MD, FACS
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