2 Months Post Breast Implants (Saline), And Feel a Lump. What Could it Be?

after having saline breast implants 2 months later i feel a lump and my outter right breast ..It is tender when palpated..I went to my primary physician and he is sending me for a mommogram. He said it feels rubbery and don't feel like its within the breast tissue.. What could this be ? My mammogram isn't until the 10th of may and I'm worried

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Breast lump after breast augmentation with saline implants

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The most probable cause if it was not present before the surgery is the edge of the saline implant. It is imperative you see the surgeon to have it evaluated and then follow with a mammogram, US or MRI if any secpecious lession is palpated.

Try to relax for now it is most probably to do with the implant.


Wishing you best of luck

Breast lump after implants

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The best chance to ease your concern would be to see your surgeon. If this lump wasn't there before, it may well be the edge of an implant, or a fold in the implant. Your primary doc likely hasn't examined as many of these as your surgeon has. 


The implant will splay out the breast tissue and make it easier to feel your breast tissue, so this also may well be something that was there before, but only now is easy to feel. 


Good luck.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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