Saline Breast Implants 5 Years Ago, I Can Now Feel a Hard Area Under my Right Nipple?

I'm 37 and I had saline breast implants 5 years ago. Recently I have noticed a hard area slightly below my right nipple. This breast has always been slightly tighter and firmer than the left breast, pre-surgery had less breast tissue also.I have an appointment to see my doctor next week, but any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Breast Valve

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A physical examination is the best course of action but as others have pointed out you may be feeling the breast valve. However, you should eliminate other causes.  

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Breast implant and palpable mass?

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A firmness is one thing, a lump is another, feeling the valve of a saline implant under the nipple may be another. An exam in person is wise.

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“Hard Area” Under Right Nipple?

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Thank you for the question.

You have made a good decision to see your physicians in the near future. Any new breast lesion should be evaluated clinically and radiographically. It is possible, that you are feeling the saline breast implant valve,  which often lies below the areola. Nevertheless, it is much better to rule out other causes of “hard areas".

Best wishes.

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