Saline Implants Look Smaller with Under the Muscle?

I heard that under the muscle saline implants tend to look smaller than the size you expect to get. So if I am getting a 500 cc, should I get at least a 520 cc so I get the size I originally wanted? Or will the 500cc under the muscle already give me the size I want?

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Under muscle won't make marked volume difference

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Placing implants under the muscle provides more coverage to the upper inner breast but after you have healed and they are soft the size won't be much different. There are many factors that influence your outcome and placement above or below the muscle is one of them. At the size you are talking about, 20cc more will not make a noticible difference.

Dr Edwards

Volume in implants

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Since the implants are under another layer of tissue that needs to stretch, the same implant placed under the muscle might translate less onto the surface contour and size than an implant closer to the surface that is under the gland. However, remember that volume is a result of the analysis of your native breast and the what you desire as a goal. It is not the end point. That is, the analysis according to dimensions and projection of the breast with result in a certain volume depending on the manufacturer and the style of implant. Implants with the same volume can produce different looks depending on the style.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Submuscular placement wont affect your size

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I don't think there would be a noticable size difference with either submuscular or subglandular placement.

Using a sizer, or "rice test" does tend to underestimate the size of the expected result, though. My experience is that sizers overestimate the size the patient will have after surgery, so I explain to them that I will go for an implant that's 10 - 20% more full than the actual sizer.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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