Safest Way to Remove Saline Breast Implants?

I had a breast reduction. They removed my 340cc implants and put in 265cc but I am the same size after surgery. What can I do to make my breast a size 36B?

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Saline implant removal

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Return to your surgeon to discuss a revision after about 6 months to a year. You'll need to undergo another surgery to do this.

Changing cup size

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Thanks for your question -

It is a little unclear. What size were you before the surgery? What size are you now?

How much was removed during the breast reduction?

Cup size is a difficult and imprecise measurement because every bra manufacturer is different.

Discuss your issues with your plastic surgeon.

I hope this helps.

Can't go by cup size

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Your surgeon can't  perform surgery according to your desire for a cup size.  If you downsize the implants too much they will be too small for your frame.  I suggest you go back and discuss this thoroughly with him or her. 

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