Pain Without Swelling After Saline Breast Implants

I had Saline breast implants done 9 years ago. In the last few days, my right breast began to hurt. It just hurts; I can't explain it. It almost feels like it's pounding inside. It doesn't have any difference in the physical appearance, nor did I bump it either. What could be happening?

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Make a diary about your breast pain

It would be useful to know more about the pain you are experiencing. In documenting pain, think PQRS: a) Pain: Is there a cyclical nature of the pain? Is it correlated with activity, menstrual cycle, etc; b) Quality: Is it burning, pounding, aching, stabbing?; c) Radiation: does the pain move around or point to another area?; d) Soothers/Stressors: What makes it feel better, worse?

Armed with that information, you should first seek an opinion from your Gynecologist or primary care physician. The entity of "mastalgia" or breast pain has many causes. If they aren't able to diagnose the condition and propose some solutions, a visit to your implanting PS would be in order. As your implants are saline, it's highly unlikely that they are malfunctioning. It is possible however, that your capsule (scar layer) has thickened and is pulling on normal tissue. Don't delay and tolerate this discomfort. Pain is a functional symptom and should be investigated. good luck.

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Need more information

It is hard to determine what would casue new onset breast pain on one side without more information. You should visit your plastic surgeon who will have the benefot of an examination. Sometimes though breast pain can occur with no known cause.

Dr Edwards

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See you doctor if this continues

That type of discomfort could be due to almost anything. If it continues you should see you family Dr first and then go from there.

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