Do Saline Breast Implants Inhibit Milk Production?

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Breast Implants and Nursing

Saline and/or silicone implants have not been shown to significantly affect  milk production during breast feeding. A periareolar incision (around the areola) can however cause blocked milk ducts and intefere with the ability to breast feed.

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Breast implants inhibit milk production?

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Breast implants do not inhibit  milk production.  There is (at least theoretical) risk that during the breast augmentation procedure milk ducts are divided decreasing the ability to breast-feed successfully.
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Breast feeding issues after breast augmentation

The short answer is no. There are incisions,around the areola, which will injure some milk ducts which may not allow feeding to satisfaction

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Implants and milk production

Breast augmentation under the muscle without any alteration of the breast tissue or nipple areola should not affect breast milk production.  There are many factors in breast milk production (hormone effects etc.) other than implants.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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No effect of breast implants on milk production

There has not been shown to be any effect of breast implants on milk production.  Most patient who have had breast implant have no problems breast feeding their infants.  Please do not worry.  Of course, after having implants, your breast will naturally get larger when pregnant and nursing.

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Breast Implants Do Not Inhibit Lactation

There is no inhibition of lactation or milk production in breasts after placement of saline or silicone implants.  You should be aware, however, that if you have an augmentation with large implants and then decide to breast feed, your breasts can become extremely large.  Many women have a significant increase in their cup size when breast feeding because of engorgement of the breasts with milk.  When this added to an already augmented breast, the result can be quite large.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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Implants and milk production.

Neither saline nor silicone implants, above or below the muscle have any effect on ability to breast feed, and there is no impact on the quality of your breast milk or the health and safety of your growing breast-fed child.

About 50% of women (without breast implants) are unable to breast-feed, and a similar number are able to breast feed after receiving breast implants.

5-10% of women undergoing breast augmentation lose nipple sensation permanently, and this may affect your enjoyment of breast-feeding, but not your ability to do so.

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Saline breast implants will not affect breast feeding

The simple truth, there is no evidence that a saline breast implant, or a silicone one for that matter will interfere with milk production or breast feeding.

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