Larger Breast Implants for Better Cleavage?

I was a 34A and have a wider space between my breasts and I wanted more cleavage so I went with Saline implants hp460cc. At first I had wonderful high cleavage, now 1 year later I have to wear a push bra. The whole point for me getting them was so I didn't have to wear a bra for cleavage! So should I have gone bigger?

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Implant width is the answer

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I agree with Dr Yuan. There is just one point he did not make. Regardless of the width or diameter of the implant, you can not cheat the implants in closer to gain more cleavage. The implants need to centered directly under the nipple. If a surgeon tries to move the implants too close to the midline and the nipple is not centered, it will appear that the nipple is looking outward. In addition, placing the implant too close the midline would mean cutting through the pectoral muscle origin (if the implant was placed under the muscle), and thus potentially causing visible wrinkling on the inner border of the breasts.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Hollywood revealed the secrets to cleavage about two years ago.

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About 2 years ago, an online article on revealed "Hollywood secrets." Among the secrets was how to obtain cleavage. The answer was TAPE. All those beautiful cleavages you see in the magazines and the red carpet are supported by tape. They do not stand alone in you nor in a Hollywood actress. All the pinup models also use skin-colored tape or Photoshop to alter their photos.

You had higher fullness initially and, as the implants have settled, you have less fullness and cleavage. You have three options:

1. change to a wider implant with less profile. As long as the implants are under the muscle your surgeon will not be able to bring them any closer than the muscle attachment to the breast bone. A wider implant may get you slightly closer to the middle, but you will also stick out in your armpit area. In a year's time, you will need to use a bra to show off cleavage.

2. Use a larger volume, high profile implant. This will give you upper fullness and a wider implant. However, high profile implants, even large volume, are not that wide.On a year's time, you will again need to use a bra to show off cleavage.

3. Accept the fact that no one walks around with full cleavage without some sort of support (bra, tape, half-cup bras).

My recommendation would be to do nothing, take advantage of your nice shape, and use some of the Hollywood secrets to show off your cleavage. A larger implant will sag sooner. Best of luck.

Francisco Canales, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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Believe it or not, you would probably look better with SMALLER implants.

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Hi.  As I visualize your chest, the weight of these very large (and heavy) implants has caused your tissues to sag and your breasts to lose shape and cleavage.

If you look good in a bra, you probably should leave well enough alone.  I would urge you not to get larger implants.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

A bra is your answer.

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You were small, had large implants and liked them - I am sure you have sagged since the surgery. Now you need to get a good bra. Normal breasts do not have cleavage unless they are held up. Bigger or wider or narrower implants will all fail in giving you the desired result unless you wear a good bra. No matter how big you go, your skin will continue to stretch and your breasts fall. Gravity wins.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Width is probably more important than volume. Because...

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Width is probably more important than volume. Because you are quite small to begin with and you have a wide space between your breasts, the implants have to do all the work to get you the cleavage you desire. That makes the width of the implants more important than the volume. You need to measure the width of implant you need to get the distance betwen the two breast mounds the way you desire and see how this width can fit on your chest and in relationship to your nipple position. It might be that the high profile implants do not give you adequate width and instead of going up in volume, ou might do better going with a wider implant (i.e. lower profile) for the same volume.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Larger Breast Implants?

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Thank you for the question.

Larger rest implants may not necessarily work.

It sounds like you made benefit from additional support in the lower poles  of the breasts  to allow for implants to remain in good position and achieve the upper pole fullness that you are looking for. This procedure involves permanent sutures along the lower poles of the breasts ( inferior capsulorraphy)  that serve to support the breast implant positioning  and help prevent  recurrent downward movement of the implants.

It would be in your best interest to seek consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced In revisionary breast surgery.

Hope this helps.

Not a natural look

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It is not a natural look for a woman to have cleavage when not wearing a bra. The shape of your chest is round and the breast tends to settle a little down and out. The reasone they were closer together to begin with was the tightness of your tissues. As a part of the natural healing process the tissues relax and a softer feel and appearance results.

Dr Edwards

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