Can Implants Move 8 Years Later?

had saline breast implants for 8yrs now left breast has lots of movement not same think the implant must haved moved very differ

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Change in implant position over time

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There are several possibilities for changes of this type. Basically the size of the capsule around the implant or the implant to capsule ratio has changed. This could be because of a partial deflation of the implant, a decrease in the size of the capsule on one side, or a stretch of the capsule size on the other side. Usually an exam by an experienced plastic surgeon can sort this out and suggest options for it including doing nothing or even up to changing both implants with or without changing the capsule space.

Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Implant mobility

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Difficult to say without examining you, but the implant pockets definitely change over time.  This may translate into tightness or enlargement of the pocket.

Breast Asymmetry and Movement

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Nothing is static. Things always shift and move. When an augmented breast shows LESS movement or a pull upwards you need to suspect scarring around the implant. This is seen in 15% of all breast augmentations. To be sure, go see your Plastic surgeon.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Aging augmentented and implanted breasts

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It is probably more likely that your right breast implant is experiencing a mild capsular contracture while the left is undergoing normal aging and maturation.

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