I Have Saline Breast Implants of 550cc, I Got These About 6 Yrs Ago.

I have had no issues and they look very natural. I was a small C before, now probably a DD. I am 5'7, usually between 135-140 lbs. I have been entertaining the idea of a smaller implant for quite some time now. With a smaller implant of say, 300cc, would a breast lift be necessary? Or if the implant was removed altogether, would you think I would be super saggy? I am curently preg. w/ first child. (not doing anything soon

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Converting to smaller breast implants

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If you are consdiering smaller breast implants you  might very well need a breast lift. This is something best evaluated in person.  It is impossible to tell you without an exam.

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Breast Inplant Exchange

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Hello Lulu,

Deliver your child, return to a stable weight, and post your question again with photos.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Downszing implants after pregnancy

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First of all congratulations on your pregnancy.  This is of course the first priority and your breasts may change quite a bit especially if you breast feed.  I agree that now is not the time to do anything.  Having said that, after you are done with the pregnancy and nursing, I would be evaluated by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  At that time he will examine you and see how much, (f any) ptosis (droop) you have.  He will also try and determine how resilient your skin is.  Bring photos of what you might like to look like, but keep it reasonable.  With all of this, the surgeon will tell you in his experience if you need a lift.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
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Exchanging implants

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It is very difficult to give good advice without photos or examination.  There are so many variables involved when downsizing and/or removing implants completely.  Your skin elasticity, the position of the breasts, how much smaller you want to go or if you want to remove all together.  It is not ALWAYS the case that a breast lift is needed when downsizing or removing, it's really based on the patients' exam.  Since you are pregnant right now, allow yourself time after having the baby to get back to your baseline weight and stop nursing for at least 3 months and then have a good evaluation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Can't know what to do til after pregnancy

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The effect that the pregnancy will have on your breasts can't be even guessed at until at least 6 months after delivery and being done breast feeding.  Whatever the issue though there will be fixes.  Different implants lifts etc.

Lift or no lift?

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The answer to this question depends on:

1) your breast shape, prior to the implants, and how droopy / stretchy the breast was then,

2)  how much your pregnancy and breast feeding changes the breast shape and size,

3)  the size of your new implants.


It's really difficult to answer without photos or an in-person exam.

This should be evaluated in person, sometime after your delivery, after you have finished breast feeding, by a qualified PS in your area.  Best of luck with your pregnancy.

I Have Saline Breast Implants of 550cc, I Got These About 6 Yrs Ago.

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No photos posted so best to obtain in person evaluations from boarded PSs in your area. My guess is you will need a lift also, but not sure. 

Yes you will need a lift

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It sounds as though you will need a lift if you remove your implants.  Your best option is to wait until your pregnancy is finished and reevaluate your needs after the breasts have stopped lactating (3-6 months if not breast feeding).  Good luck!

Switching To Smaller Implants

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It is a bit difficult to answer your question and would probably be easier if you had included a photo.  First of all, your current first pregnancy is very likely to bring about some changes in your DD cup breasts.  You can certainly change from 550cc to 300cc implants but this may be accompanied by some ptosis (you may even get some sagging simply as a result of your pregnancy) and may benefit from a breast lift.  Sine you had a good result with your initial surgery, it would seem to make sense to consult once again with your original plastic surgeon to obtain his/her advice.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Changing to smaller implants or removing

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I would agree to wait and consider options when pregnancy and breast feeding are completed and the breasts have stabilized, but I would disagree with Dr. Tholen's points. You cannot just remove 250cc's of volume from saline implants. They must be filled properly. You can drop from a high or Moderate Plus profile saline implant to a medium or low profile saline implant of the same width but reducing the width of the implant is like putting a foot in a shoe that is too wide for it. The width of the pocket doesn't shrink down predictably like the forward profile will. Also, skin elasticity has nothing to do with it. The elasticity of the skin and breast tissues will be the same regardless of the size of the implant. And implants or larger implants do not lift the breast and smaller ones or removing them does not make the breast sag. This is an illusion created by the pillow volume fill from behind the breast. And further, lift procedures do not tighten the skin. This is also an illusion. Removing 550 cc breast implants will make the breast look deflated and therefore saggy but will not actually make the breasts sag or change skin/tissue tone. As for changing to gel implants. They only advantage they have is the feel of the implant if you can feel them. If you're not bothered by the feel of your saline implants then there's no reason to change to gels. Look for a plastic surgeon who deals with the reality of breast implants and not illusions. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

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