From a professional's viewpoint how could I achieve a more exotic & feminine look? (Photos)

I have always found Megan Fox's features to be exotic & definitely beautiful. I feel as if achieving a resemblance to her could be somewhat easy considering my current facial features. Please correct me if I'm wrong! I would love to hear any opinions/suggested ideas for procedures I could have done. I think I can benefit from: fixing my upturned nostrils. Lowering my hairline. Adding more squareness to my face & jawline. Widening my small chin. Changing brows.

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Improving and feminizing the female face?

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Improving and feminizing the female face?   Lowering your hairline and adjusting your brows will help make your face more proportional. Also a rhinoplasty with  removal of the hump, refinement of the tip, etc. would be helpful as well. I would not do more than that and see how you like the results before having further surgery.  See several experienced surgeons that produce natural results that you like. 

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