Can fractured nose cartlige heal?

I got my nose pierced by a piercing gun and it's been hurting to change the ring, I was told the cartlige around the piercing was fractured.

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Nasal piercing, cartilage fracture, nasal pain

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Sorry to tell you this but it is just a bad idea to pierce any bodily structure with a  cartilaginous or bony complement.  The structures  do not have the necessary circulation to heal properly and avoid infection if they are exposed to a foreign body, the air or a moist environment as exists in the nose.   The risk is that infection could occur.  This would be indicated by increased swelling, tenderness and redness and possibly a foul smelling discharge.  The cartilage and any possible fracture will heal if the object is removed, which would be my advice before  a severe infection develops in the cartilage that could compromise the overall structure and appearance of your nose.

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Pain with changing a piercing

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Thank you for your question.

If the cartilage is fractured it will heal at some point. The pain is more than likely coming from something else, is the area red, swollen? You may have an infection around the piercing. Make sure you are cleaning several times a day and wash your hands before and after changing the piercing.

Francis Johns, MD
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