What is the best option for age spot removal on the face? (Photo)

I am a 39 y/o female with a few age spots I would like removed. I have had these spots since my early 30's. I have tried kojic creams, glycolic acid, Clinique, and Rodan & Fields Reverse with out any luck.

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Age spot removal on the face

You're correct that there are many treatment options for the removal of this area skin that is hyperpigmented. In order to remove this age spot, you need to treat the entire area skin to ensure removal. For this reason, I do not like fractional treatments/lasers as they only treat part of the skin surface. Different practitioners will differ in their opinions based on their experience and results. I do not believe these areas will go away with topical treatments/creams. You're going to need a more aggressive treatment in a medical office to ensure removal. At my practice, the best chance you have to remove this area is with a TCA chemical peel.

I hope this helps

Age spot removal

Age spots or lentigos are common on the cheeks especially as we age. Options include:

(1) very simple daily use of key topical skin products (good idea, results are gradual), (2) gentle lasers (targets brown spots, vessels, fine lines, and might require a few days of downtime, results are quicker), (3) more aggressive treatment of aging skin with lasers or deep peels (most dramatic results but definitely requires several days of downtime for healing) In this case we often see improvement with topical chemical peels. 

Some people require only a little care while others require more aggressive treatments. 

Donn R. Chatham, MD
Louisville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Best Age Spot Removal is PicoSure

Before considering to have it removed and since you live in the sunshine state, I highly suggest you have a complete skin check to check for any precancerous skin spots first.  One you are all cleared, the best current therapy that can remove that spot is PicoSure Focus Skin Rejuvenation. It is very safe, doesn't burn your skin, virtually painless and will also tighten the skin. It is the best option . Other options can be IPL Max G Photofacial or 1540 Icon Fractional resurfacing. Please use sunscreen of above 30+ DAILY and good antioxidant, like CE ferric by Skinceuticals. Hope this helps. Best, Dr.Avaliani

Anna Avaliani, MD
New York Physician
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Darker, large spots like this need more than just skin care products.  I recommend IPL or BBL.  The treatment is quick with no downtime.  You may possibly need 2-3 treatments to completely get rid of the pigment.  Using SPF, Vitamin C and Retinol skin care products daily will also help with future pigment.

William Lovett, MD
Cincinnati Emergency Medicine Physician
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Laser for age spots

I would recommend a fractional CO2 laser which reduces the appearance of sun damage or age spots which is what this looks like. They work by resurfacing the skin and lightening those dark spots. You have a good Fitzpatrick skin type so this laser should work nicely to help improve the appearance of your spot(s)

Gregory Lakin, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Probable Seborrhoeic keratosis

Hi There 

I have seen this literally hundreds of times - unlikely to be age spots.

In my hands radiosurgery works very well. It has the advantages of being one treatment with rapid recovery time compared to laser, also takes about 3 minutes to do and is painless.

Good luck 

Age spots on the face

I would use Melarase AM and Melarase PM, Melapads, q switch laser, and fractional lasers to help improve your age spots. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Diagnosis before treatment.

Really need a good examination firstly, I suspect these are more than an age spot that is flat (lentigo) but have a slight raise -hence probably a macular seb keratosis. Sure IPL or BBL can work for flat lesions, but possibly an defocused CO2 or erbium laser maybe better. If completely flat, than a 532 nm Q switch laser will do the job. I don't like fractional lasers for theses lesions as you will need quite a few sessions- waste of time and money. Another oldie but goodie, is the TCA peel (medium strength) , obviously done by a trained Specialist. All the best, and sorry to confuse you with the options, the best is to see someone who has all these devices and skill sets- that way you get the lesion treated and not just a ' laser treatment'. All the best, Dr Davin S. Lim. Brisbane. Australia

Dark spots

based on skin type and race and complexion the best option might be different. In general IPL, Co2 lasers Fraxel, BBL and Halo as well as Pico lasers are treatment options to be complemented with skin products and peels. for individualized answers the best is to see a Cosmetic physician and get consultation. 

Hyperpigmented spots

Thank you for your question. Age spots can be difficult to treat. We have found a combination of  treatments work best. Lasers work well, but you need prescription strength topical cr. to be effective. The lasers I recommend would be BBL, Halo or fractionated Co2. The best results are accomplished through multiple treatments. Not all skin types are good candidates for laser.

Stephen P. Beals, MD
Paradise Valley Plastic Surgeon
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