Want lip lift. But for bottom lip also? (photos)

I am 61 and look so old with these lips. No top teeth show, only bottom. I have some filler in the bottom lip and it didn't help my bottom teeth exposure. Afraid if I get a lift on the top, my bottom lip will not meet it to close. Also this seems to be a specialty--not that many surgeons do this it seems. p.s. I had a lip lift before in 2013 and the look didn't last even a year. The scar lasted a long time.

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Lower Lip Lift

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Hi alucious,

Lower teeth showing is quite uncommon, and since I am only seeing photos, I cannot assess if you can normally close your mouth, but generally, if you cannot close your mouth without any effort, doing an upper lip lift may make it worse, but judging from your nose-lip distance (from the photos), you are actually a good candidate for the procedure. For the lower lip however, a slinging procedure may improve the hanging.

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