I have implants that are 11 years old and they are saline and above the muscle. Can I still breast feed?

my implants are 11 years old and 550cc each i didn't know if the placement would harm my baby if i breastfeed?

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Breast feeding and implants

Enjoy your baby.
Be happy.
Babies were givien oral silicone drops for years in the form of simethicone for burbing.
You dont even have silicone implants.

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Can I still breast feed after implants?

Thank you for your excellent question.  The same percentage of women with implants as those without implants are able to successfully breastfeed, so placement should not preclude you.  If you do breastfeed implants pose no risk to your baby.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Implants and breast feeding

Breast feeding should be possible with implants either above or below the muscle. Best of luck......

Steven Wallach, MD
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I have implants that are 11 years old and they are saline and above the muscle. Can I still breast feed?

Thank you for your question. The first thing I tell my patients is the ability to breast feed in general is not always a sure thing even if you never had surgery. The body's ability to produce milk and then the ability of the child to latch on can be challenging for some. Since the implant is placed beneath the breast tissue it did not necessarily compromise the milk ducts unless a periareolar approach was done and then there is a small possibility. All in all there is no harm in trying and there is no risk to the baby. Best of luck!

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Breastfeeding and implants

Congrats on being a new mom. The presences of implants whether saline or silicone offers no risk to your baby. If your implants were put in through a periaerola incision there is slight chance of a little more difficulty with breast feeding due to scarring of a few ducts. Hopefully you will have no problems. Good luck.

Breast feed with impalnts

There should be no reason you can not breast feed with your implants since your ducts and glands are still intact.

Robert Brueck, MD
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