Breast Augmentation on 8/1/14, 600/650 hp saline under muscle. Pre-op large B/small C. Help to ease muscle spasms?

Given Demerol, Percocet, Parafon and Ativan. This is by far the worst pain I've ever felt mainly due to the intense muscle spasms. I've expressed my concerns to my PS and they keep saying don't touch them, ice and take my meds. I feel I wouldn't need the narcotics if there was some way to ease the muscle spasms. I called back today to see if there was something else I could do and I'm getting brushed off. Is there anything safe that's recommend to ease the spasms.

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Muscle spasms after breast augmentation.

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I am sorry you're having some much discomfort.  It sounds as though your plastic surgeon is using the appropriate medications to relieve your muscle spasm.

I find that very gentle  pectoralis stretching exercises by lifting your arms up from your sides although painful in the beginning  can help overcome the spasms.  Of course please check with your plastic surgeon.

Muscle Spasms

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Thank you for your pictures.  I typically give my patient a muscle relaxant to help with this very issue.  May be your plastic surgeon would consider that as an option

Breast Augmentation on 8/1/14, 600/650 hp saline under muscle. Pre-op large B/small C. Help to ease muscle spasms

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There are a small subset of patients after augmentation have severe spasms of the pectoral muscles. I prescribe a muscle relaxer to help. But it usually reverse after a week... 

Post Op Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for the inquiry about your breast augmentation healing.
I am sorry you are experiencing this pain.  You recently had surgery, so pain is to be expected.  Every surgeon does things differently. You should follow your surgeons post op instructions. It is important that you take you medicines as directed because they will help ease those spasms.  Try to be patient, healing takes time.

Best Wishes.

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