When getting a smile make over can you do a payment plan or do you have to pay for the procedure full out?

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Payment Policies Vary

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There is no simple answer to your question, because each practice establishes its own payment policy. At my Los Angeles-area periodontist practice, for example, we offer financing through one of the nation's leading healthcare credit companies. Budget is an issue for most patients considering an elective procedure, but I recommend considering cost alongside credentials and expertise. It's important to find someone with the experience and qualifications to produce the best results possible.

Payment plan on makeovers

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based on my experience, the patients that travel abroad to perform makeovers, they have a big difference on what they pay, if they search for medical tourism. 
provably with the amount you are thinking to pay, back home, plus interests, with dental plan, you can have for the third, a complete makeover, and not having to pay,lots more. 
try dental tourism, many patients had done it, and they really get amazing results.

Payment plan?

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The answer to your question is that it depends on the individual doctor's office policy. Most require you to pay in full prior to treatment, but there are credit comapnies that may offer interest free payments for 1 year. Care Credit is a very popular company. Most dental practices accept Care Credit. Ask your cosmetic dentist at the consultation if that is an option for financing.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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