Can volume be restored entirely with fillers? Want to be realistic in my expectations. (photos)

I've lost 200 lbs over the last 18 montgs. Now my face looks saggy and old compared to before. Hooded eyes, nasolabial folds and sagging around my mouth. Could a combination of fillers and Botox correct this?

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Kudo's to you on your weightloss! Fillers can help very much with the problems you are having. It's possible that the sagging skin may needs some surgical correction. I would recommend follow up with a reputable injector and Surgeon for a complete in persona evaluation.

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Thank you for your question.

Congratulations on your weight loss!  Yes, much of the facial volume can be restored with fillers.  Fillers work to provide more volume to the face, while Botox works to weaken muscles and prevent wrinkles.  I recommend consulting with a local/regional plastic surgeon to discuss your options for your face, and contouring any other areas of your body that were likely affected by your weight loss.


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Volume restoration

Hi and thanks for your question. Fillers and collagen stimulators can be very effective in volume restoration. You are an excellent candidate for these treatments and I highly recommend to see an expert physician 

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