Strattice info?

I am four weeks postop following an implant exchange due to severe rippling. Saline 290cc was exchanged with Naterelle 410FF highly cohesive implants without success in regards to ripple correction. I hate my results at this point and again have severe rippling. I'm too small to fat graft. Can strattice or any adm be added without exchange of my implants, or will an exchange be required as well?

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It is possible to place Strattice in the breast pockets without replacing the implants.   It is important to make sure the implants are of the right dimensions for your chest so that they are not being squeezed.

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Strattice is very useful to camouflage rippling and wrinkling

One of Strattice's indications is to "thicken" the outer pole wrinkling and rippling in individuals with thin breast flaps. The surgical technique requires tacking it onto the lower edge of the pectoralis major muscle and then to the chest wall, in the form of a "hammock", thereby completely covering the outer edge of the implant.  Agree with the other consultants, as long as your current implant's dimensions match your chest wall and you are pleased with the feel and shape of the implant, no implant exchange would be required, just the Strattice.  

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
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It is feasible to place Strattice without having to replace implants. In some settings you may want to replace the implant if it is not the correct implant for your body and chest wall width.

Kimball M. Crofts, MD, FACS
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Strattice info?

I am sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing. Yes, additional acellular dermal matrix may be added, without the need for exchange of breast implants. You may find the attached link/video helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Stattice can be placed for rippling without new implants

The short answer is yes Strattice can be used without getting new implants. It is important to make sure the implants are of the right dimensions for your chest so that they are not being squeezed.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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