Sensitivity to cold on new crown 1 month later?

I had a cap put on for my crown, and a couple of days later it cracked and had two holes. I was away in Europe so I had to wait until I returned to have the cracked cap taken off and the crown placed. A week after the crown was placed, I was having pain problems with biting down and chewing. I went to have the crown readjusted 4 times. It's been a month and out of no where I have developed severe sensitivity to cold; water, food, air. Dentist has me taking antibiotics now, but it's not helping.

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Severe cold sensitivity with crown #DrSoftTouch

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The fact that your crowned tooth has slowly gotten worse may be an indicator that the nerve is becoming irreversibly irritated or dying. I would suggest visiting your dentist or an endodontist for an evaluation as root canal therapy may be your best option at this point. I hope this helps. Click "save" under my name, if you'd like to ask me more questions in the future.

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