How does a PS contour to other areas during full or mini tummy tuck?

How does a PS complete a full or mini tummy tuck and able to contour to the other areas without using liposuction? I guess my main question is how can they keep the scar from looking like there is a tight belt around your waist (hip to hip)?

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Tummy Tuck Contouring

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Getting a pleasing contour to the abdomen and having that contour blend nicely with the surrounding areas is always one of the goals of a tummy tuck.  Achieving this result depends a lot on the tissues of the patient.  For example, some very thin patients with loose skin or stretched muscles may not need any liposuction at all.  Other patients may benefit from some liposuction of the adjacent areas such as the pubic area or flanks to achieve an optimal aesthetic result.  How can this be done without liposuction?  Some fat can be removed by excision through the tummy tuck incision.  Sometimes the incision needs to be extended around the waist to remove excess fat and skin on the flanks and back.  Overall I think it is unlikely that the scar will look like a tight belt around the waist but having a consultation and examination is your best option to have this question answered for your specific situation.

Contouring Abdominoplasty

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The techniques regarding abdominoplasty surgery vary from individual to individual depending upon their body and skin type and physical findings. Liposuction is a valuable tool to be used during abdominoplasty to contour areas like hips and flanks. Seek advice of a board certified plastic surgeon regarding your particular needs.

Tummy tuck

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The length of the scar is dependent on your anatomy.  It is not possible to shorten the scar and achieve the outcome you desire.  You need to define your goals and decide what is more important to you, your current shape, or the scar.

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