Can I get orthognathic surgery after having braces? (Photo)

I am planning on having surgery to fix an open bite. I haven't had braces yet but I wanted to have them on asap. I am not sure if I will be able to afford the surgery as of now and I am wondering if I can get the braces now and align my teeth then have surgery at a later time (years later) when money isn't so tight. Is this an option or is it advisable to do this all at once? I am rushing a bit for straight teeth because I want them to look nice for my wedding in 2-3 years!

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Avoid Surgery with Physiological Approach.

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The open bite is probably due to abnormal oral function.  Consult with an oral Myofunctional Therapist first, you may correct all problems without braces.  Get evaluated for a tethered tongue (ankylotic tongue).

Even if you do braces and surgery you can rela[pse from abnormal tongue function.

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