Large pores and acne treatment.

I Have large pores and they are normally very clogged. I try to remove the clogs at home however im concern that i can keep enlarging my pores by doing it. And at the same time i have moderate acne. How can i best address this issues? Is Glycolic acid and option? I've used microderm but not prolongued results seen. Thanks

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Large pores and acne treatment.

Thanks for your query. Retinol peel works best for open pores and acne as well. If you want a better option you should try for procedures like thermi rf as they shrink the pores. You should first take a proper treatment for your acne and once you get rid of it you should consider thermage or thermi rf for open pores and your both issues can be solved. Hope it helps.

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Glycolic Peel

Thank you for your question about glycolic peels. Chemical peels work by gently removing the top layer of dead skin cells.  Often skin cells may have a hard time "sloughing" off, especially when you have oily skin.    Often as these dead skin cells build up, the pores become deeper and harbor more sebum (oil), and cause the pores to be "clogged".  Glycolic acid is a "keratolytic", which helps to break up keratin, the component in skin cells.  A series of Glycolic acid peels may help to slowly break up the dead skin cells, which will in turn cause the pores to be more shallow and less clogged.  It is important to do this somewhat gradually and by a trained clinician, to avoid skin irritation.  To be sure you are receiving appropriate treatment for your condition, see two or more experienced, licensed and board-certified providers in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have treatment. I hope this helps.

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Peels and good skin care

Yes, peels can help. A picture and a history will be great. We tailor skin products and peels according to your expectations and skin sensitivities. 

The use of AHA (glycolic acid creams), at home, combined with higher clinical strength salicylic or BHA peels by specialists, can address both pores and acne. The type and concentrations will really depend on the clinical picture and your history. 

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