Feeling great 10dpo after TT/MR and BR/BL. Would that signal something is wrong?

Sounds silly, but I feel so good that it makes me think something is wrong. On days 1-3, I felt like I wanted to die. Day 4 was a turning point and by 5dpo, I felt great. I am probably 95% back to walking/standing straight. My BR/BL never hurt at all. Some where between days 3 and 5 (kind of a blur), I heard an external pop. Not like a muscle or bone, it reminded me of a guitar string breaking. I couldn't feel exactly where it came from but I sounded higher. Could one stitch ruin it all?

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Feeling great...does that signal something is wrong?

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Thank you for sharing your question and congratulations on your surgery!  Each person heals differently after surgery and consider your improved symptoms to have balanced out how you felt the first three days.  Assuming you have not seen any changes to your physical appearance and have no other symptoms of concern, all is likely well.  Be sure to maintain close follow up with your surgeon to ensure an uncomplicated recovery.  

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