Expectations post exchange; did I expect too much? Also supposed how much pain I am in?

I had my bilateral exchange yesterday and I know it's still early, my implants are 620cc and was under the impression from my surgeon I would be a full C , but after looking this morning I look smaller than I was prior to the mastectomy. I am 42 5'2 and weight 140 lbs ... also seem to be in more pain than I was post mastectomy and TE insertion. Is this normal? Really unsure what to expect any advice would be helpful. Thanks

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What to Expect Soon After Your Breast Revision

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It's very early in your healing process yet. #Healing will continue for 2-3 months following your #Breast #Revision procedure. There may be some swelling, bruising, malposition, color differences. Sensation will be abnormal. Scars will also be changing.
But, it can be up to one year see your final result. Your doctor may require you to move or massage the implants within the breast pockets during the #postoperative period. #Textured implants do not require breast massage. You will be informed about this at your post-operative visit.
Also, the two breasts commonly heal quite differently so #asymmetry is not unusual. One breast may swell more, feel more uncomfortable, or have a different initial shape. After complete #healing, they will be more similar and natural. You must have patience, but if this causes concern, ask questions of the doctor or the nursing staff.

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You have to give them time to settle. He also may have had to do a lot of internal work so that they are appropriately positioned. This would account for the pain.

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This question is difficult to answer.  Please follow up with your surgeon and express your concerns with that individual directly.  Of note, in implant based breast reconstruction following mastectomy, the breast always looks smaller softer the expander is exchanged for the final implant because the pocket is expanded at the time of the exchange.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Ali Mosharrafa

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Concerns after breast augmentation surgery…

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast surgery.

Given that you are fresh out of surgery, it is definitely too early to evaluate the outcome of the procedure performed. You should be aware that a significant percentage of patients at the early stages of recovery will feel that they are too big or (more commonly) too small. For example, the  initial bra and dressings used after breast surgery can hide (and compress) the breasts  to a great degree.

I routinely ask my patients to wait at least 3-6 months before evaluating the end results of the breast augmentation surgery.

 You may want to let your plastic surgeon know about the degree of pain you are experiencing; sometimes, significant discomfort can be a sign of a complication.

 Best wishes for an outcome that you will be plesaed with long-term.

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