How do I achieve better facial balance? (Photo)

Do I need facial volume? underwent rhino/ chin implant one year ago. I feel my nose tip could be a little more refined and the bridge a little narrower , should I leave it alone? Or is it achievable and reasonable?

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How do I achieve better facial balance?

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Very hard to advise via the internet. Best option is ONLY IN PERSON opinions for you. And YES I might redo tip of nose, use Voluma fillers 4 cc's, etc... 

Further Nasal Refinement Possible?

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It is hard to know precisely how much further refinement can be achieved in your nose without knowing what your nose looked like before the initial surgery. But your desire for further nasal reduction/refinement is understandable and may be achievable. But assessment of original pictures and review of the operative note from your surgery would be needed to best answer your question.

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