Am I a good candidate for a hair transplant? (19 years old). (photos)

I understand that hair transplant performed on young men are almost forbidden, but I was wondering were there other factors that could make me a good candidate despite my young age? I'm an 19 year old African American teen and I've been Suffering from male pattern baldness since 8th grade

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Hair transplant at 19

At 19 with your patten of hair loss, I'd strongly encourage you to visit a specialist to begin medical therapies to stop the loss. As far as candidacy for a hair transplant, personally I'd encourage you to wait until we know your hair loss has stopped. There are some really safe, FDA approves options that can change your future. Good luck !

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Candidate age 19

A  man of your age and baldness should not have a transplant for a number of reasons already stated. To look well groomed, a shaved head is your best option. The style is very acceptable these days in all age and ethnic groups. A hairpiece is another consideration. 

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Hair transplant in young men are NOT "forbidden". If you're already bald at the age of 18, hair transplant may be an option.

Hair transplant in young men are NOT "forbidden".  If you're already bald at the age of 18, hair transplant may be an option.  It just takes seeing a doctor for a consultation to establish a Master Plan.

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Young hair transplants

It is always a little tricky for a surgeon to be the one telling a prospective patient not to do surgery.  At your age, though, the surgical approach is not as effective as the medical approach.  Ask any hair doc who has been around a while, and they will tell you they have seen complete turnarounds and regrowth of hair with aggressive medical therapy.  You have aggressive hair loss - get aggressive right back!  Plus,when you start as young as you are, results are even better than if you had the same degree of hair loss, but started when you were older.  We don't know why this is, but it is important to keep in mind!  So definitely avoid surgery at this point.  Any hair surgeon who agrees to perform surgery on a male pattern hair loss patient at age 19, is not planning for the future and may not be acting in your best interests. Try finasteride, minoxidil, LLLT and the shampoos that help them (see my previous posts).  You may be amazed at your results. 

Good luck!

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Hair transplant for 19-year-old?

Hi, DjRock--

Situations like yours are among the most challenging in hair restoration. You are right: it is the rare 19-year-old who is a good candidate for a hair transplant, because in nearly all cases it is impossible to predict the rate and extent of future hair loss, and therefore how to budget the donor area and design a hair transplant that will "go the distance." And yet, hair loss is usually much more upsetting for younger men than it is for older men. As tempting as it might be to conclude that your balding pattern is already defined (limited to a relatively narrow area from hairline to crown), time could very well prove us wrong. The curious thing is that you started losing your hair so very young, and that it hasn't progressed past the point where it is now after 5 years. I would suggest being evaluated in person by at least one experienced, full-time hair transplant surgeon (i.e., one whose practice is limited to or primarily concerned with hair transplants) who could advise you further. If nothing else, he or she could get you started on finasteride, which is the most effective defense against ongoing hair loss in men.

Thanks for your question, and best of luck.
Dr. Ballon

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Am I a good candidate for a hair transplant

You have a tough decision and you need a Master Plan to be developed that will take you years forward. You may find that you end balding pattern is far more advanced that what you see here. Typical for an African American, although the hair is great quality, the quantity of donor hair in African Americans is usually 40% less than Caucasians and therefore a hair transplant may not be supported in the long term. You might consider Scalp Micropigmentation, something that gets around the problem. see web site belw

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Candidacy for hair transplant in a 19 yo

DjRock,Thanks for the question. It is not enough  information to be able to evaluate your condition and make recommendations with this limited  information. I would recommend an in person evaluation to include a thorough history, physical examination of your scalp with dermoscopy, hair mass check,and further work up as determined by the above. It does look like you have pattern hair loss, but it is necessary to rule out other conditions, as well as evaluate your donor. Strong consideration should be given to using Propecia to prevent further hair loss.All the best,
Bernardino A. Arocha, MD

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