What Is The Longevity For Porcelain Veneers?

I have had my porcelain veneers for 15 years and they have been great. In the last year, however, I have noticed some changes. First of all, there is a slight gap between the front two teeth. Why? Also, there is a smell coming from the teeth. No amount of brushing/flossing seems to alleviate a smell that I would equate to maybe, food under a crown, perhaps. I don't know how much longer the veneers will last, will the gap continue to grow, and why is there a smell, and how do I make it better?

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Veneer Issues

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The smell is from bacteria. Very often as front teeth spread ( and in combination with a smell or odd taste or persistent bad breath) this is an indication of periodontal issues. I highly suggest you see a periodontist as this can lead to tooth loss. The space can be corrected simply with a short course of orthodontics including Invisalign once the teeth are deemed healthy by the periodontist. The veneers should be examine and probably x-rayed to check for marginal decay and leaking as well.

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