Is Botox a Good Choice for a Constant Muscle Tic?

Under my right eyem about two finger spaces down and to the right on my cheekbone area, I have an incessant muscle tic. About 2 or 3 months now. Not stressed, no fatigue. Not much caffeine and it is driving me mad. Is botox a good choice for this issue. I have read everything about the causes amd the obicularis oculi and so on. I need something. This is beyond irritating!

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Botox is a good treatment for a muscle tic

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Eyelid tics are very annoying.  They can even be so intense that they are visible to others.  A little botox injected into the affected area, about 2 units, usually breaks the cycle and stops them.  This is a very small dose and should be quite inexpensive if you use a doctor that charges by the unit and not the area.  In Northern California, the charge for a single unit of Botox ranges from about $9 to $20.. 

Botox is good for a tic

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Botox is an excellent treatment for an eyelid twitch, also called a tic or myokimia. A very small dose can often make it stop permanently.

Botox for eyelid spasm

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Botox usually works great for this type of problem. Most oculoplastic surgeons would be comfortable treating this problem with a low dose of botox into the orbicularis muscle.

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