I have Rhinophema and need to explore options for treatment. (Photo)

I have Rhinophema which started on the left side of the nose. This was tested/biopsy for cancer by a dermatologist but no mention of Rhinophyma. I have now, 8 years ofter the biopsy been told that I do have Rhinophyma and need to explore options for treatment. 1. How bad is my Rhinophyma? 2. Is the best option Laser treatment? 3. Will there be any scarring after treatment 4. What will my "down time" be? 5. Will the rhinophyma return and if so how long

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Lasers for rhinophyma

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Yes, you do have rhinopehyma, the severity is subjective, not objective. However in the scheme of things it is mild. I use a Co2 laser to treat this condition. Video shows the treatment, and recovery as well as the expected outcomes. All the best, Dr Davin S. Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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