Could I have torn the muscle over my implant in a traumatic wake board wreck?

My silicone breast implants are 6 years old. I took a hard wake boarding wreck 8 days ago and have since been in significant pain. The pain is burning around my right breast and into my right arm. I also have stabbing pain near my right shoulder blade in the back. My right implant which is placed under the muscle no longer moves when I contract my chest muscles, my left implant still moves. Could I have torn the muscle?

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Torn muscle over breast implant

Yes you could have a torn muscle and capsule over your implant. I would see your plastic surgeon immediately. You could have a bleed that may need immediate attention. Other wise, it can be a severe contusion of the muscle which can lead to capsular contracture in some cases. Either way, please contact your surgeon to evaluate your breast. In the meantime use ice over the area and minimize movement of your arm. Do not take ibuprofen with it effects on blood clotting if you have to go to surgery. May you heal quickly. 

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Breast Trauma


yes, you certainly could have torn/damaged muscle and tissue. I recommend that you be examined in person ASAP and your Doctor may also order imaging to be done for your breast to determine if you have bleeding inside the pocket.

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Torn Pectoralis Muscle after Breast Augmentation

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your question. It does seem that you have caused trauma that could have torn your muscle or capsule. It usually involves severe bruising but you did not mention that. The fact that is 8 days old means that it have torn but not been so severe. Usually if you have a collection of blood, your breast swells a lot more on the side where the injury occurred. I would see your plastic surgeon immediately just to make sure it is something not severe. There may be nothing that can be done immediately. But a  in person exam is the best course of action. Good Luck.

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