Is the first fix the best fix when it comes to Tummy Tuck?

I have a Diastasis + loose skin from BIG babies. I plan to have more kids but not for at least 5 yrs. I plan to get a Tummy Tuck now, and a 2nd Tuck in 10-15 yrs. Many surgeons advise against TT if planning to have more kids because it’s a “waste of time, money, effort, and "the first fix is the best fix". If money is no object, along with time and effort, then the only question is the effectiveness of a 2nd Tummy Tuck? Please advise! I'm super thin other than my belly - it's not worth waiting.

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Tummy tuck now then possible revision later

You can have a tummy tuck at this time as long as you are aware that future pregnancies can compromise your abdominal contour. I understand your situation, you want to look better now, even though you may not have another baby for at least five years. Consult with a few plastic surgeons in person to be sure you are a good candidate.

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Multiple planned tummy tucks

Dear Nichelle,
You would be the first patient I have met who was interested in an abdominoplasty before her last pregnancy. I have only seen photos presented at a meeting of a patient who had a pregnancy following her tummy tuck and she still looked pretty good. I too would find it hard to encourage you to have the procedure knowing you were planning on having more kids, but I guess the decision is yours.
If you have surgery know it would be important that your surgeon does not "burn a bridge" that might be needed for a successful revision. What I mean by that is I would not recommend a "floating umbilicus" technique as a first procedure as it would not allow for a traditional abdominoplasty later. Other than that I am not sure if the technique matters as much as what the next baby does to your tissues. Hopefully some other surgeon here might have had some experience with their patients getting pregnant after this type of surgery.
Good luck, and select your surgeon wisely!

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Is the first fix the best fix when it comes to Tummy Tuck?

Thank you for the good question.  A "second tummy tuck" procedure, assuming it would be necessary after pregnancies, can be equally effective.  In other words, a well executed procedure ( second abdominal wall contouring operation) can produce a very nice outcome for patients.  Important will be careful selection of plastic surgeon, careful communication/planning, and skillful execution. Best wishes.

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