Could my dark circles be reduced with some type of laser surgery? Or is there an alternative way? (Photo)

I have congenital dark circles, which come from my mother I think. I was also born with Crouzon syndrome and did undergo craniosurgery as a baby. One doctor I spoke to said I have a downward palpebral slant (or ''antimongoloid slant''), which is also common in Treacher-Collins syndrome. I also have other issues that are unrelated to eyes. For example, I am scheduled to undergo orthognatic jaw surgery this summer for class two malocclusion. My dentist also suggested that I get genioplasty.

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Lasers do not improve dark circles.

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They can be helped with the use of fillers.  For appropriate circumstances, an orbital rim implant can also be very helpful in these situations.  My advice however, is to first heal from your orthognathic jaw surgery.  Particularly if they advance the maxilla, this can have an effect on the dark circle and even the lower eyelid position.  For this reason, see what you need after this big surgery.  The recommendation for the genioplasty seems very appropriate.

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