Question about LASIK and iLASIK with people with astigmatism?

Hello I have astigmatism in both eyes. When it comes to contacts I wear toric lenses with a -9.5 in my left eye and 9.0 in my right. I was wondering if lasik is even possible so someone like me.

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Question about LASIK and iLASIK with people with astigmatism?

Depending on your corneal thickness, thin flap LASIK could be an option. PRK/LASEK which retains more corneal tissues post-op is also an option. There's also implantable lenses you can consider such as ICL.

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Lasik is possible, probably not advisable

depending on the level of your astigmatism, your best option is an icl.   second option, prk.  depending on your corneal thickness, lasik may be an option, but not your best option...  sometimes a standard icl with no treatment for astigmatism does very well.   if there is residual astigmatism with poor visual acuity, an enhancement with an lri, ak or prk or lasik can be done.  you didn't mention your age, but if you are over 40, you may consider an off label procedure with the symfony clear lens exchange which can correct near, far and astigmatism...

David Malitz, MD
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