Considering chin implant or reduction rhinoplasty. Which would benefit me more? (Photo)

Hello, I asked a Q recently and decided that I would like to have rhinoplasty or a chin implant . I am happy with my frontal face (pic 1), but I believe my face looks disproportioned in the profile view (pic 2) I have considered both reduction rhinoplasty- to decrease nose size and aim to have a slight concave bridge, or a chin implant- because I think I have a rather weak chin. I don't have enough money for both though, so I was wondering which one would be more effective? Many Thanks, Matt

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Rhinoplasty and chin implant candidate

The rhinoplasty procedure and chin implant are frequently done together in our practice, so that patients can have one anesthesia and one recovery period. If you can only afford one procedure, its best to perform the chin implant under local anesthesia since that will be less expensive than the rhinoplasty. For many examples of rhinoplasty/ chin implant combination, please see the link below

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