Saggy Lower Eyelid and Bulgy Eye? (photo)

I dislike the appearance of my bulgy eye and droppy lower lid. I have consulted an oculoplastic surgeon who does not believe a canthoplasty will help instead suggest a graft from the upper mouth to be placed to lift the eyelid. Would an orbital implant be a better solution or fat grafting? I do not have any thyroid issues.

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Cosmetic orbital decompression

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Bulgy eye is like a big belly.  Tightening the lower eyelid (canthoplasty) will not work as simply tightening the belt on a pants won't work if very big belly.  The idea is to make the belly smaller, meaning push the eye back. That's orbital decompression, which is not only done for people with thyroid eye disease but can be done for cosmetic reasons.  Once the eye is settled back, then lower eyelid surgery may or may not be needed and even if needed, then it allows the lower eyelid surgery to actually work.  Orbital rim implant is another option but not as effective as orbital decompression. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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