Saggy Butt Post Upper Thigh Liposuction?

hi, my butt got more saggy post-liposuction of my banana rolls under butt cheeks( is it banana rolls or saddle bags anyway?) how do i restore them to former perkiness? and is the sagginess due to skin or fats?

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It sounds like the ligament that your buttock sit on was disrupted by the liposuction cannula. Unfortunately in my experience this is not fixable unless you are a candidate for a thigh buttock lift.

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Banana roll liposuction is tricky and requires skill

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The area under the buttock is often referred to as the banana roll. It's so called because it has the curved appearance of a banana and is more-or-less similar in shape and fullness. It's not present in everyone; it's kind of like dimples--you either have them or you don't. Those who have a banana roll often don't like it and want it gone with liposuction. Unfortunately, it requires a significant amount of skill to suction that location without creating an unintended consequence--a droopy buttock. Once the buttock has "dropped" from suctioning the banana roll, it's not easy to fix. I would suggest discussing this with your physician, and if needed, get another opinion from a very experienced physician who performs lots of liposuction to find out if anything can be done. 

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