Saggy Ab Skin After Floating Belly Button Tummy Tuck

i had a floating belly button tummy tuck. there is still a large amount of saggy skin especially when i lean over from the upper abs, down to the bb, and to the sides of the midline. at my last follow up after i expressed my disappointment he said he could of done a full tt with a vertical scar but that was not offered to me before the procedure. would a full tummy tuck with a vertical scar taken care of all of that skin? how soon after the first can i get a re-do?

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Still unhappy with mini tummy tuck results

One of the potential pitfalls of an "umbilical float" procedure is exactly what you described. You can have a full tummy tuck which should address this. You may not need a vertical incision. The technical problem is that there may be circulation problems with your umbilicus. You have to understand that this may require a belly button reconstruction at a later date. I would wait a minimum of 6months before considering such a revision.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Saggy after Umbilical Float

You have not posted your before photos, and we do not see any post op photos. First of all we ALL have lose skin when we bend over. This is NOT the end point for assessing your result. With that said, the Umbilical float procedure is really fit for a very small percentage of patients. If selected well this procedure usually is very rewarding sparing you a scar around the umbilicus. Do nothing for now and let at least 6-9 months go by, much more swelling should reside with time.

Charles Virden, MD
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