What Are Non-Surgical Options for Tightening Sagging Neck Skin?

The skin under my chin and on my neck is getting loose and has a crepe like appearance. Surgery is just way too expensive with a mortgage and 3 kids at school. What are some of the alternatives I can find to tighten the skin. I am 38 and not over weight. I look after my skin religiously but still I have this horrible sagging.

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What to do about sagging or loose skin

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The question is whether it's the skin of your neck or your face that is actually sagging.  Neck skin can definitely sag if there has been a lot of sun damage to the area or if you had lost a lot of weight.

However, there is also a contribution to the neck and jowl area from volume loss of the face itself.  If there has been volume loss in the soft tissues, fat or bony structures of the face, facial skin will sag and cause looseness or crepiness of the upper neck skin as well.

What you need is a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon with proper training and experience in non-surgical approaches to rejuvenation.

There are a number of skin tightening modalities available for the neck:  SkinTyte or Titan, which are infrared skin tightening devices, Thermage, a radiofrequency device will both give more resilience and elasticity to slightly to moderately loose skin of the neck.  Photofacials will help the sun damage as well as provide collagen synthesis to improve skin looseness.

Fractional laser resurfacing or biostimulators for the face (such as Sculptra) can provide more of the scaffolding to decrease sagging of the face and jawline. 

Also, consider adding a retinoid, like Retin A or Tazorac to your skin care regimen.  These work slowly but also stimulate more collagen production in the skin.  In addition, use a sunscreen religiously.  That will help prevent more destruction of soft tissue in the face and neck.

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Non-surgical management of Neck Skin

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Hi there-

The very first thing to understand (repeat it to yourself in times of doubt), is that anything that sounds too good to be true still is.

There isn't going to be a magic cream or pill that tightens your skin, and the liposuction machines (Smartlipo) that claimed to tighten skin have been discredited by most reputable surgeons.

Depending on the degreee to which your skin is loose and sagging, it may be possible to achieve a nice improvement with laser resurfacing of the skin. There are many lasers available for this purpose, and which is used is not as important as who is using it and their education, training, and experience with the device. Remember- "it's the artist, not his brush..."

On the other hand, if your neck is really loose and your skin is hanging, with bands in the center of the neck indicating your muscle layer is loose as well, there is no way around it- you will eventually need surgery to correct this.

The best advice I can give you is to visit a reputable and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who will tell you the truth (and not what you want to hear in order for them to get your business)... Then wait until you can emotionally and financially undergo the procedure most likely to achieve your goals.

One of the most tragic things I see in the current economic climate is nice people being defrauded by unethical "providers" of cosmetic surgery services who prey on the public's desire for improvement at reduced cost. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of these cases, after they've taken your money, you will realize that what they offered you didn't give the improvement desired and now you're out those monies and still want the improvement.

Better to save your pennies and have a well-planned and executed procedure performed by a responsible and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

There are a few non surgical options you might consider

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Your non-surgical options are dictated by your specific needs which may include any of the below measures:
1)improving banding: Botox
2)improving under the chin fullness: Liposuction with oral sedation
3)improving skin looseness: VIORA REACTION radiofrequency
A consultation would allow a doctor to customize your treatment plan.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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