Correcting Sagging Skin and Lumps from Smart Lipo?

I had Smart Lipo on my face over a year ago. It caused lines, a lump, and sagging skin on my neck, so my face is fine, but now my neck looks bad. What can be done about this?

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Neck after Smartlipo

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Sagging skin in the neck after smart lipo suggests that you probably need a neck lift.  The lines in your neck that you see may be uneven removal of the fat, or adherence of the skin to the underlying muscle.

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Smartlipo is not the answer for everyone

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Smartlipo is not the answer for everyone. Without seeing you and evaluating your skin, it is hard to tell for sure. However, there are limits to what Smartlipo can do. Smartlipo is excellent when used in the right people.

In patients with moderately loose necks with minimal banding, I can achieve excellent results with Smartlipo. However, some people may be better candidates for neck lift or face lift with or without traditional liposuction.

For someone with a very loose neck or significant muscle banding, traditional surgery is going to be more effective. The important point is that it is crucial that you see someone who is a fully-trained plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon. You want to have all your options open to you, not being limited by a narrow scope of practice by your surgeon.

The second important point is that, regardless of any surgery that you have, you continue to age. Having a procedure or surgery does not stop the aging process.

I hope this is helpful.

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