Sagging, fat or skin under chin after platysmaplasty with liposuction normal? (Photo)

I am a 47 yr old female. I had a platysmaplasty and liposuction with an incision under the chin only. Any chance this will look better at some point or should I plan for a facelift procedure this time next year? My PS says he can remove the extra skin under my chin if needed but I am afraid this will make it worse. The original problem was a turkey wattle with banding but not a lot of extra fat.

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Complications after neck lift.

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After reviewing your picture it does not appear to be just loose skin but also a component of abnormal scaring. I would recommend asking your surgeon if he believes massaging could help to soften the scar and release some of the tension on the tissue so it may look more normal. In our practice we would have you start endermology to the area as it will break up much of the scaring and expedite getting you to the results you want. Now if this does not work then more surgery could always be needed. The other option would be to seek a second opinion locally. I hope this helps.

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Based on the photo provided you most likely needed a full neck lift, I would recommend contacting the surgeon about your  concerns

Sagging, fat or skin under chin after platysmaplasty with liposuction normal? (Photo)

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Sometimes the incorrect option is used for the aging deformity. You most like;y needed a full neck lifting...


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Your photo shows excess neck skin after removal of more of the excess in the midline that off to the sides. It does not look like a muscle or fat issue. It you try to remove that degree of excess with neck incision(s) the scarring will be much more visilbe than a standard facelift approach. Most surgeons would agree that an incision around the ear will allow removal of the excess neck skin out and up to the sides leaving you with the least visible incision scar.

I don't think there is any non-surgical treatment that can effectively remove that amount of excess skin. Sometimes it is safer, cheaper and more reliable to perform regular surgery than to try a minimal surgery approach that does not get you most of the way to where you want to go and will require the non-minimal approach to improve the result.

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MIinimal procedures , minimum results,

Yes your next step should be a facial /neck lift . when skin is loose there is any other way than surgical resection of this extra skin , minimal procedures can leave this type of results , It is just better to perform what is a need than going to a minimal procedure instead of doing since the first intervention the correct surgery

Cynthia Disla, MD
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