Sagging Breasts After Conversion Surgery from over the Muscle to Under?

8 days ago i had a breast conversion from over the muscle to under due to capsular contracture. My original implant was saline ( 325 ) and was replaced with 375 silicone high profile implants. I had drains for a week. i am still taped but only under the breast and i am wearing a band under my armpits across my chest to help push the implants down. My worry is the skin on the bottom half of my breasts are loose. Is this normal? I thought they would be nice and full immediately after surgery

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Your implants will descend over time

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You are very early in the healing process.  I tell my patients that there implants will drop over time.  In fact, I warned them that their implant will be high initially.  In my experience the implant starts to drop noticeably about the third week.  After 2 weeks I allow my patients to wear a sports bra.  Her skin will also relax over time and it will be an equilibrium between your skin stretch and the weight of the implant.

Skin changes take time after revision augmentation.

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The changes in the skin enveloped can take time to accomodate to the new implants. Changes in implant size and shape, particularly when combined with capsule removal change lead to loose skin early on. However, with time, it is common for the breast skin to tighten. Patience and time are the best options at 8 days postop.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Concerns after Conversion of Breast Implant Pocket?

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Although I understand the nature of your concerns,  it is much too early to evaluate the results of your procedure. It will take several months for the skin to "redrape". The breast skin envelope needs to take the shape of the new position of the breast implants. Your breast skin” has a memory;  this process of redraping will take several months and even up to one year  to occur. Follow-up with your plastic surgeon and follow any recommendations, including massage.

Best wishes.

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Sagging Breasts After Conversion Surgery from over the Muscle to Under

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It is way to early to assess your result,however if you are concerned see your surgeon regularly every day if necessary, as post operative strapping can still modify the position of the implant.If left for too long,you could miss this opportunity

Submuscular conversion of breast implants - jellyfish on a rock

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All patients are different, but I always tell patients that when doing a submuscular conversion, the early feeling of the breasts will be like a jellyfisk on a rock.  That's because the pocket of the old implant disconnects the breast from the muscle and the new implant under the muscle hasn't stretched forward enough to obliterate this yet.  Give it 4 months and recheck the feeling but stick close to your doctor in the process.

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