Options for Sagging Breast Skin?

I lost about 100 pounds, but now my breast skin is sagging. Is there any way to correct this with and without surgery?

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Several good options exist depending on your goals

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The first thing to be certain of is that you have reached your weight loss goals and that your weight is stable for at least 4-6 months before pursuing intervention to improve your breast contour. If this is the case, your options are:

Breast lift- I actually prefer to call it a breast re-shaping, because a well done breast lift should not just lift the breasts, but restore the breast shape to a youthful and beautiful shape.

Breast re-shaping with placement of an implant. In many patients who have lost a large amount of weight, a lovely breast shape is nearly impossible to achieve without an implant, because the breast has not only lost breast tissue as the weight loss occurred, but also has lost skin quality... creating a situation where the remaining tissue is very deflated, and the skin is loose and inelastic. Breast reshaping alone will improve this situation, but even with the skin reduction performed in this procedure, the skin that remains is poor quality skin (because the weight gain and loss result in loss of elasticity), which severely limits the overall outcome. The best way to counter this, in my experience, has been to add an implant to expand this loose skin and restore some natural feeling firmness to the breast.

I know of no good, reliable and effective non-surgical options for improvement of the breast shape and size in a weight loss patient.

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