Sagging and Body Fat Distribution After 55lb Weight Loss, 38 Years Old, 5´7ft , 149lb? (photo)

I would like to increase the volume of breasts and reduce thighs, to balance my body, I am more concerned about cellulite and saggy rather than loss of volume. Fat transfer to the breast seems to have unexpected results. would be better breast implants and lipotransference from abdomen and tighs to buttocks?. Will cellulite go away? What about the sagging? how can I improve my skin? 38 years old, 5´7ft , 149lb No pregnancies. Venous insufficiency in both legs.

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Fat transfer for breast augmentation

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If you were happy with the appearance and size of your breasts when you were 55 lbs. heavier, then autologous fat transfer to the breasts may be a reasonable alternative to breast implants. It would be best to consult directly with a plastic surgeon in your area who specializes in liposuction and fat transfer to have all your questions answered. Thanks for sharing your photos and questions. Best wishes.

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