Safest Treatment for Under Eye Hollows?

I've always had bad under eye hollows under my eyes, they are genetic and I want to fix them, they bother me as I am getting older, they make people think I'm high all the time, which is only reinforced by the fact my family name is an homonym of stoned in my own language. Anyhow, what is the safest way to go to correct that problem? I want as little risk as possible please. And a last question, can fat, fillers or whatever, worsen the wrinkles near the eye from beneath?

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Treatment of hollow eyes

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This question is hard to answer without a face to face examination or photo. If it is hollowed out because of the prominent appearance of the bone rim under the eye without any protrusion of fat into the eyelid itself you will need a filler or fat graft to smooth out the contour. The appearance is due to insufficient soft tissue (skin, fat muscle) coverage of the area. My personal bias is towards non-injected fat grafts. I do not like injecting fillers or fat near the eye because of the risk of blindness and the tendency to get a lumpy result.

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