Safest Treatment Time for Teeth Whitening?

I recently whitened my teeth with Nite White ACP according to the following regime: 16% carbamide peroxide for 13 days (30 mins each day), waited 1 week, 16% for 4 days (30 mins), waited 3 months, 10% for 4 days (1 hour each day). Was this a safe amount of time to bleach? or could I have possibly overbleached? My teeth had light/average staining to start with. I've noticed some translucency along the incisal edges, but of course this may have been there before without my noticing it.

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Safest Treatment Time for Teeth Whitening?

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You've made a great effort to whiten your teeth. Most cosmetic dentists have their favorite regimen. This one has a lot of good things about it.

Teeth whitening (like this style of home tray professional whitening) has been around for decades and is really safe. 

In your comments I don't really sense that you've had any real problems. 

Everyone has some translucency (clarity) along the biting edge. Most people don't realize it or pay much attention to it ahead of time. You can create excessive translucency by over whitening. I doubt that the regimen you described would cause that, but I have some patients who do too much whitening at home and the downfall is the teeth can start to become clear instead of whiter. 


NIte White - Overbleached?

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Nite White ACP is a fabulous bleaching system.  The protocol you followed clearly worked and is safe.  Once the edges of your teeth look translucent it's time to stop.  Wait 3-4 months and try again.  If the bottoms continue to become  translucent, you need to accept your "final" color, whatever nature gave you.  Blueish, clear edges are often the result of natural variations in teeth or "skinny" thin at the edges teeth.  You didn't over- bleach, but you likely can't go any whiter naturally.  Genetics has the final say.  You didn't mention if you were happy with the results, I sure hope so!

Madeleinne Zapantis, DMD
Long Island Dentist

Time for teeth whitening

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The time for teeth whitening is a very individual parameter, to start with it usually depends upon the initial shade and desirable result. Besides that there are other factors as teeth sensitivity to the bleaching gel and increasing sensitivity due to bleaching. The safe time for home whitening should be defined by your dentist. If the incisal edges are really transparent probably you did achieve good result. If your teeth had originally gray-blue shades (B), most difficult to whiten, the further result wouldn`t be increasing the aesthetics, but making them more transparent. You should consult with your dentist. 

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Bleaching. Did I over do it?

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We use Nite White in our office and the patients love it.  It can be customized to the results you want.  Your post makes me think you are happy with the results.  You did not over bleach!  If you are happy with the color, do not whiten any more and refresh it as needed.  The translucency you see on the edges of your teeth is normal.  You may be noticing now because you are looking at your pearly whites more int eh mirror now!


There is no one regimen for whitening but most are very safe.

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I am not familiar with the Nite White ACP system, however most custom tray systems are very similar.  For the most part, you should really try to follow the manufactures's instructions. I do not think you overdid it. Once you are happy with the color, you should wait around 3-6months before touching up again for a few days to refresh and maintain the color.

Some systems call for keeping the trays in overnight with a 5% or 10% and even a 15% Carbamide peroxide gel, for 7-10 days. People who have severe discoloration may need to use the trays for more than 2 weeks.  If overnight wearing makes the teeth too sensitive then you can use them for 1-3 hrs per day. I think you'll get more bang for your buck if you leave the trays in longer than one hour.

The trasnlucency was already there (this is normal). You may be more aware of it now that you are looking at your teeth more closely. Bleaching too long or too much can make the teeth look either more translucent or even bluish or extreemely white and opaque. This depends on your particular natural enamel translucency.  

Hope this helps

Dr. T

Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

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