Safest/Cost Effective Solution for Proptosis with Upper Eyelid Ptosis, Scleral Show of 4-5mm, Mild Midface Hypoplasia? (photo)

Hello, I'm 42 and have seen two Oculoplastic Surgeons in my area. I’ve been told that I have a negative vector along with proptosis/scleral show. Initially went into both consultations to better understand eyelid ptosis and 4-5 mm of scleral show. My thyroid was tested and the results came back normal to low normal. So now after researching, I would like to set aside all of the notions of any genetic syndromes, and move on to your opinions as to what can be done besides orbital decompression. Thank you.

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Please don't have an orbital decompression for this.

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You have two basic options.  One is some help along the orbital rim with fillers.  This would profoundly fill in volume under the eyes at the top of the cheek softening the dark circle.  While this is not a profound a result as surgery, it does not require a surgery.  Treatment results persist for a year or so, and often longer.  This makes for a viable treatment.  The alternative would be a custom carved orbtial rim implant, hard palate graft, and vertical midface lift.  Examples of this type of surgery can be found by searching for vertical mid face lift with ePTFE orbital rim implant.  Most likely you will need to travel out of your community to find what you are looking for.  Consider cities like New York or Los Angeles where you can see in consultation several well known surgeons over a several day period.

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