Can You Safely Have an MRI on Breasts 3 Weeks After Revision BA for CC?

hi, Unfortunately I can't ask my surgeon this question as he is overseas. Can I safely have an MRI on my breasts 3 weeks after revision BA for CC?

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Question about early MRI of the breast after revision breast surgery

It is unusual to request or need a MRI 3 weeks after breast surgery.  This is a question that would be best answered by the radiology staff.  An MRI of the breast is usually done with you laying down and your breasts fall into a coil.  So there is no compression of the breast.  It may therefore be okay if needed.  

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MRI 3 weeks after breast revision surgery

I am not sure why you feel that you need to obtain an MRI 3 weeks after breast revision surgery?  What are you looking for?

Steven Wallach, MD
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Capsular contracture and MRI

Unlike a mammogram, MRI does not compress the breast. So early after surgery, you may have post operative changes that may make it difficult to detect a capsular contracture. Talking to the radiologist may be helpful in determining if this is a good test to do so soon after surgery. Hope this helps. 

Margo Herron, MD
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Can You Safely Have an MRI on Breasts 3 Weeks After Revision BA for CC?

Unlike a mammogram, there is no compression of the breasts for an MRI.

However, you would have to check with the radiologist of the wisdom of the study this early, as many temporary post-surgical changes may be present. It is hard to imagine the urgency of an MRI this soon after implant surgery. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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MRI after breast surgery

I'm not sure why you would be doing an MRI 3 weeks aftre breast revision surgery and what you would be looking for at that early time??  Unless there is something urgent there will be postop artifacts that may mask things.  I wonder why you wouldn't wait 4 months until healed?

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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